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Shenbo Electronics Co.,Ltd Ningbo China is located Guanhaiwei town the east of industry zone Cixi Zhejiang province. It founded in 2003,was the Hong Kong capital enterprise The existing staff 600 people, the company has the advanced production equipment and

formidable research and development ability, is a specialized production HDMI, RCA, USB hardware plug and the audio and video data lines and components company, the product best-selling domestic and foreign is Japanese Panasonic、 Sony、Toshiba、 Samsung、LG and so on one of well-known manufacturer main suppliers, along with the domestic international service swift and violent growth, the company already successfully has established the subsidiary company in Hong Kong and Guangdong.
The company for the model Jiangnan botanical garden type factory, provides the good work and the living conditions for the staff.The company relies on the talented person, technical, the resources, the information overall superiority, Efforts to create "HDMI, RCA, USB hardware plug" and "AV cable" carriers.The company has passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification and ISO14000 Environmental Management System Certification, the products meet the ROHS Directive, as well as Sony's environmental requirements of controlled substances.
The company initiates the user friendly management, provides rich and the perfect welfare system for the staff, provides the apartment type lodgings condition, free provides the work meal; The company is equipped with the entertainment reading room and each kind of ball hall, the staff extra-curricular life is rich, each month holds the birthday party for the staff.
“The talented person is the company most precious resources”, the company will provide the good development platform for each staff, the munificent treatment and the training opportunity, the outstanding staff might promote to all levels of management post.

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